Working Circles

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Working Circles are DisCO’s way of dividing up tasks and focusing efforts on thematic areas, each with its own membership and team stewards. Many members of DisCO are stewards of several of these areas. This means that, although they may not directly work in or even be the main contributors to any of these areas, they are ultimately responsible for their upkeep. Unlike with the more "permissionless" aspects of Casual Membership or the more lax standards of the Dating Phase, full, committed members of DisCO are expected to continually learn and improve in the Working Circles they belong to. The set of Working Circles within the collective can be flexible, but current areas include:

  • COMMUNITY (includes mentoring, mutual support, rhythms, tools and group culture)
  • NET.LABS (Network & Labs: includes social media, content curation, pilot projects and networking)
  • DAT.MENT (Dating & Mentoring: includes onboarding new members, mentorship and maintaining the buddy system)
  • STO.DOC (Storytelling & Documentation: includes creating materials and writing content such as this wiki, articles, handbooks and anything that tells the story of DisCO)
  • LEG.FIN (Legal & Finance: includes open value accounting, payments, taxes, value tracking and distribution as well as legal structures)
  • VISUAL (includes graphic design, visual narrative, infographics, audiovisual content, interfaces and UX design)
  • TECH (includes software development and maintenance of DisCO and LABS websites)
  • DIWO (Do It With Others/Sustainability: includes fundraising, legal structure development and forging partnerships)
  • STRA.DEV (Strategy & Development: includes setting goals as well as structural and organizational development)
  • RESEARCH (includes seeking out funding opportunities, grants and collaborative fellowships as well as networking with institutional partners)

Follow the links for dedicated wiki articles outlining the circles’ responsibilities in more detail.

Circles are porous and not exclusive, but certain individuals will be the stewards for a circle. Circle membership and stewardship will be revised periodically and recorded in the collective’s availability mapping page. Dating members are also expected to join various circles during their training, but they cannot become circle stewards until fully committed.