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Purpose and work

What are the key responsibilities and main areas of work of the DAT.MENT Working Circle?

  • Discussing and assessing suitability/qualifications of potential new members
  • Mentoring new members
  • Maintaining the buddy system


Who is in this circle? Who are the stewards?

  • Stewards: Stacco & Sara
  • Members: Silvia, Lara, Timothy


What procedures, protocols, processes does this circle need? What templates are needed?

  • Interviews for potential new members
  • Mentoring materials: DisCO Wiki, all DisCO literature (Trilogy, etc.), GMC Handbook, GMC Wiki and video tutorials
  • Description of what it means to have a specific role in DisCO, and how this differs from more traditional organizational setups.


What workflow tools does this circle need?

  • Mattermost for organizing calls and interviews, getting a general impression of new candidates from the group
  • Loomio for discussing potential members, needs of the collective
  • Wiki for providing information and mentoring


How and where does DAT.MENT connect with other circles?

  • COMMUNITY: Getting everyone’s feedback about potential new members, providing mentoring, integrating new members into the family
  • STO.DOC: Providing feedback on educational materials, identifying any information that is missing, etc.
  • LEG.FIN: Liaising to establish the commitment levels and ensuring that hours aim to be within budgeted levels


What rhythms are needed and how do they relate to our other rhythms?

  • Regular Check-Ins and Mentoring: Check in and receive mentoring from your buddy and/or other DisCO members.