LEG.FIN Circle

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Purpose and work

What are the key responsibilities and main areas of work of the LEG.FIN Working Circle?

  • Keeping track of open value accounting, payments, taxes, spending, bank accounts, value tracking and distribution
  • Collecting data based on members' time-tracking sheets to use on Valueflows
  • Compiling evidence and financial reports for funding as required
  • Conducting legal research for the eventual establishment of the DisCO Foundation


Who is in this circle? Who are the stewards?

  • Stewards: Caitlin, Silvia
  • Members: Maro, Irene


What procedures, protocols, processes does this circle need? What templates are needed?

  • Regular discussion on Loomio to keep everyone informed about finances and reflect on our understanding and implementation of the economic model
  • Payments to members
  • Financial reporting


What workflow tools does this circle need?

  • Clockify: for tracking hours in various workstreams
  • Mattermost: for general urgent communication, questions
  • Trello: to keep track of tasks and procedures
  • Loomio: for discussing the economic model and making financial decisions
  • Spreadsheets: to keep track of and distribute value until the software is ready
  • Next Cloud: for organising and storing invoices, records, etc.


How and where does LEG.FIN connect with other circles?

  • COMMUNITY to communicate with everyone about value tracking and payments and get feedback on how the value tracking and distribution system is working
  • TECH to ensure that software is accurately reflecting value in the collective


What rhythms are needed and how do they relate to our other rhythms?

  • Weekly: Circle Check-In
  • Monthly: payments