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Purpose and work

What are the key responsibilities and main areas of work of the NET.LABS Working Circle?

  • Communicating and liaising with DisCO LABS (pilot projects), addressing their needs and assisting them in their transition to DisCO
  • General networking and maintenance of alliances
  • Social media presence, content curation, campaigns
  • Posting about and promotion of like-minded projects


Who is in this circle? Who are the stewards?

  • Stewards: Sara & Maro
  • Members: Stacco, Felipe, Lara, Irene, Timothy, Brian


What procedures, protocols, processes does this circle need? What templates are needed?

  • Regular calls with our contacts at the various LABS
  • Customized mentoring schedules with each LAB
  • Official channels of communication with each LAB (Telegram, Mattermost, etc.)
  • Social media posting and promotion schedule


What workflow tools does this circle need?

  • Mattermost for internal organization and communication
  • Next Cloud for storing and sharing documents related to/for Labs
  • Trello for keeping track of the progress and next steps for individual Labs
  • Trello for keeping track of content curation, promotional campaigns and social media strategy


How and where does NET.LABS connect with other circles?

  • STO.DOC: helping to draw out stories that need to be told from and through members


What rhythms are needed and how do they relate to our other rhythms?

  • Regular Check-Ins and Mentoring with LABS: Keep up to date on the progress and needs of DisCO LABS.
  • Weekly Working Circle Steward Check-In: Check-In on Mattermost to communicate what is happening, what is pending and what needs a jumpstart regarding LABS, social media and maintaining relationships with other organizations.