Yearly work calendar

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We're a leisure-minded collective founded in world-famous siesta'n'fiesta loving Spain, so we actually keep to the Spanish holiday calendar. (We want this to be the 1st step on the world holiday calendar, to be furthered by further holidays!)

Our logic is, if everyone is on holiday, why would they (or we) bother being in front of a computer? The following applies to our community rhythms and, also, to the NET.LABS Circle, which handles things such as external communication, social media, etc

These are the times when we are OFF:

  • Weekends
  • August
  • Two weeks at the winter holidays/Xmas/choose your own pagan equivalent
  • A week at the spring holidays/Easter
  • Spanish national holidays (all 22 of them)
  • US/UK national holidays (all, um, two of them?)

Regarding our web magazines and Social Media (our more "public face"): If something unusually urgent needs posting at any time, we can certainly do so. Everyone is welcome to post content during the "OFF" periods but it isn't planned for, and it won't fall within what we consider to be the Social Media Manager's role.

As mentioned above: DisCO is designed to be extremely flexible with times, but if you're effectively working full time for the collective, these dates will give you a good idea of when most of us will be off. You are, of course, still free to do livelihood or care work during these times, but be sensitive to interrupting other members' rest and only bring up things if absolutely necessary (or preempted by a "feel free to ignore this until Monday").