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This page displays an ongoing assessment of the status of Grant for the Web project deliverables. Check out the other GftW pages (all listed under the GftW Category)


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Status of Deliverables

1: Completed Deliverables

These deliverables are considered to be complete. Many of the actions around them are still active and ready for further development, refinement and iterations, as specified in Section 2 below.

2: Ongoing/In Progress Deliverables

Note that some of these are ongoing procedures needed for DisCO's development, regardless of GftW. Their continuation, however, is predicated on further funding so the team can dedicate themselves to their development and, in certain cases, completion.

  • Development of self-hosted DisCO Mothership and Guerrilla Media Collective Wikis (ongoing).
  • Structuring of content for DisCO Ball: Knowledge Base (based on Mothership Wiki) (ongoing). Includes:
    • Co-creation of content for DisCO Mothership Wiki (to be repurposed for DisCO Ball: Knowledge Base) (ongoing).
  • Writing new stories and content for DisCO Stories (ongoing). Includes:
    • Curating external articles and research for inclusion
    • Formatting all new content in Wordpress (DisCO blog)
    • Advocating and publicizing
  • Videos (ongoing). Includes:
  • Translation and Localization (ongoing). Includes:
    • Spanish translation of DisCO Manifesto and Website (pending 5,000€ of non-GftW financing)
  • Mutual learning and co-development with DisCO LABS. (ongoing). Includes:
  • Dating DisCO LABS. Ongoing. Includes:
  • Development and co-creation of DisCO Mothership/NP Governance model (pending completion dependent on revised project scope)
  • Technical specifications for development of Fluid Funding (FLUFUN) protocol (completion dependent on pending approval of revised project scope). See FLUFUN Slide Deck here.
  • Development and customization of workflow tools (ongoing)
  • Documentation and upkeep of knowledge-base/wiki (ongoing)
  • Storytelling (ongoing)
  • Participation in developing Intra-DisCO value flows (ongoing)
  • Events and Outreach (ongoing)
  • Webinars online events, public presentations and community calls (ongoing)
  • Fundraising for further development (ongoing)

3: Deliverables in preparatory stage, pending GftW resolution

Many of these deliverables were predicated on an open and transparent collaboration with Geeks Without Bounds. Since their disenfranchisement from the project and our tech team's dissasociation from GWOB, these deliverables are currently on hold and are now dependent on GftW Rescope proposal acceptance.

DisCO Culture

We define DisCO Cultural outputs as those concerned with the "soft" aspects of governance and usage, as opposed to the "hard" technological or legal aspects of DisCO. Read our glossary definition of DisCO Culture and Structure for further details. Includes:

  • Continued testing and documentation of DisCO governance in the field.
    • Codification of GftW experience and learnings through resources on DisCO Mothership wiki and DisCO FLOOR
  • Campaign on Web Monetization using DisCO Economic models and methodology
  • Publication on the challenges of implementing DisCO without adequate technology and procedures, co-authored with DisCO research Circle co-steward Natalia Avlona
  • Completion of DisCOlarship and mentoring program with Brian Tinoota
  • In-person team meeting and hackcamp in September/October 2021 to determine next steps for the project and develop the DisCO DECK Website Renewal

Website overhaul of (current draft here) with updated language/graphics and better organization of current and future resources. This will include the DisCO Floor subpage, leading to currently completed resources and describing those in-progress.

DisCO Gallery and Web Monetization

Implementation of, a subdomain with curated Creative Commons-licensed art used by DisCO, running Web Monetization to divert incoming funds to the original artists, plus a template to replicate the "gallery/WM model" for other platforms using cc-licensed art and media.


  • Re-scoping of DisCO DECK technical requirements
    • Tech assessment and project timeline
    • Moderated online hackcamps, consultations and documentation for future development
    • Preliminary Roadmap
    • Mock ups for DisCO DECK interface and UX by the DisCO design team
    • Preliminary work with Bonfire coders ( and additional TBD devs
    • Maintenance of GitLab repository and coordination of volunteer coding contributions and exploration of DisCOlarship or Dating Phases with contributors.
    • In-person team meeting and hackcamp in September/October 2021 to build base infrastructure and team for DisCO DECK Development as well as advanced roadmap.

Jump here for future DisCO Deck deliverables, predicated on future funding rounds.

DisCO Ball

The DisCO BALL knowledge base will feature a visually engaging design, powered by semantic wiki software. Showcasing best pattern practices for DisCO development and management, the knowledge base will provide semantic categories linking to further resources and examples (from the various individual, self-hosted wikis of each DisCO LAB).

  • Transfer and adaptation of DisCO Mothership wiki to DisCO Ball:
    • Front end Webflow mockups
    • MediaWiki implementation of designs
    • Semantic Wiki functionality
    • User manuals for DisCO FLOOR and BALL[1]
    • Video Tutorials - with embedded GIF short demos for software documentation
    • Implement and promote Web Monetization
    • Advocate community care and partnerships


The DisCO FLOOR is a portal within the redesigned homepage (see mockup here) leading to other DisCO educational resources and subdomains. All subdomains incorporate Web Monetization.

  • Visual and UX design for FLOOR Homepage and Subdomain, planning for future models/blocks
    • Implementation of design on Wordpress
    • Narrative and branding
    • Visual mapping of all DisCO resources and subdomains, incl. infographic
    • Implement and promote WM
    • Search for funding for further development

The DisCO Trilogy

Three downloadable multi-format publications covering various aspects of DisCO, also to be published as audiobooks (more about audiobooks here)

  • DisCO Trilogy:
    • Trilogy Homepage @ with previews and description of all three papers and links to each paper's homepage
    • Manifesto V.1.2 changes and additional formatting, with menu page in with access to individual chapters
    • Update Manifesto Landing Page
    • Preliminary research, structuring and conceptualization of DisCO PinkPaper[2]
    • Search for funding for further development

Infographics and posters

Graphic adaptations of DisCO resources and materials extracted from the DisCO Manifesto, DisCO Elements and Mothership Wiki

  • Text/Design/Format What is DisCO?
  • Text/Design/Format DisCO CAT intro
  • Text/Design/Format DisCO ValueFlows
  • Text/Design/Format Web Monetization and Interledger in DisCO

The posters will highlight DisCO solutions for the real world, using a fresh graphic style, aimed at various user profiles.


  • Audiobook version of the DisCO Manifesto narrated by co-author Ann Marie Utratel

General Advocacy and Diffusion

  • DisCO Stories:
    • Formatting improvements to Stories landing page and posts
    • Conducting more original interviews
    • Curation of material for Research section
    • New stories on WM and Interledger
  • Videos:
    • What is DisCO?
    • DisCO Governance and DisCO Economics explained
    • DisCO Ball: Overview and Features
    • Recordings of DisCO Community Calls

4: Deliverables postponed pending future funding

As above, many of these deliverables have become unviable due to a lack of communication, involvement and support from our prior tech partner, Geeks Without Bounds and the lack of any code for the DisCO DECK. All deliverables on this list are slated for 2022 and are dependent on securing the necessary funding to carry them out satisfactorily.


Beyond the technical reassessment and project scoping we propose for the DisCO DECK in the short term (jump here for more details), these would be the outputs of the next cycle of development, planned for 2022.

Configurable modules for value accounting with adjustable ratios and characteristics

  • Pro-bono love work, market livelihood work, and reproductive care work metrics - with the possibility of varying rates and modes of tokenization
  • Ongoing development
  • Pre-design and establishment of partnerships for further DECK Development Stages (SSB, IPFS and Blockchain)
  • Search for funding for further development
  • Include WM Options - Front end interface and UX, and Backend/code
  • Integrations for automated value tracking, depending on a given DisCO's chosen productive work and software tools
  • Time tracking tools - front end interface and UX, and Backend/code
  • Metrics programmed through DisCO Blocks

Interactive real time visualizations

  • Value streams according to agreed value ratios
  • Drag and drop, real time adjustability of agreed ratios to suit personal circumstances and necessities of members, validated by voting-consent mechanism
  • Real time visualizations of all value flows, DisCO-wide and individual.
    • Personalized views of each DisCO member's historical, invested and divested credits
  • Economic projections and budgeting tools, including reproductive vs. productive work balances and readjustments, as well as optimal invested/divested credit ratios, including WM options for love work retribution visualizations
  • Jurisdiction-appropriate tax ratios, regular expenses and individual member expenses (deducted from individual allocations)

Financial tools

  • Federated network of nodes implementing the ValueFlows vocabulary
  • Access privilege mediated transfer of credits between:
    • Individual DisCO Members
    • Value Streams
    • Separate DisCO nodes
    • Configurable value pools for specific projects
  • Transfer of credits among different DisCOs using
      1. ValueFlows vocabulary through CommonsPub(Bonfire Ecosystem)
      2. Interledger
      3. Web Monetization
  • Monetary flow between consumers and producer coops as well as between collaborating organizations using a) ValueFlows vocabulary through CommonsPub/Bonfire, b) Interledger, and c) Web Monetization
  • Conversion of credits to designated fiat currencies, with bank transfers to:
    • DisCO members (i.e., monthly payments)
    • Suppliers
    • Organizations
  • Conversion of credits to various cryptocurrencies and individual, permissioned access to wallets
  • Automated invoicing and payment tools, both via bank transfer and/or cryptocurrency wallets
  • Legislation specific (Country/legal structure) community developed plugins, validated by cryptographic notary signature for taxation and State financial reporting
  • All components will allow for granular customization of how many of these processes are:
      1. Automatically executed by the CAT
      2. Automatically displayed by the CAT but only executed via customizable governance-model determined permissions and votes by the members
      3. Individually permissioned

DisCO DECK supporting content

  • Documentation for developers, software administrators, and software users.
  • Research report: initial report describing the lessons learned through pilot teams' early experience using our software in the alpha and early beta stages
  • Large-scale community activation.
    • DisCO Deck Promo, as integral part of DisCO methodology and resources.

DisCO DECK Ongoing Development

  • SSB and IPFS conceptualizations
  • Blockchain stage


The DisCO BLOCKS will be an interactive platform for groups to easily learn and create their own DisCO Governance Model.

  • DisCO Blocks (Interactive base DisCO Model):
    • Structure content, incl. Q&A format, prompts, etc.
    • Front end Webflow mockups
    • Resources based Governance Model v.4
    • Compilation of LAB-tested experiential Modules
    • Search for funding for further development

DisCO Journey

The DisCO learning journey will feature interactive materials to explain DisCOs in plain language over a series of short, didactic articles, complemented by pop-up vocabulary definitions, infographics and videos (see below), TL/DRs, quizzes and games. With a pop-science approach, it will be based on the structure of our previous work on the Commons Transition Primer

  • DisCO Journey (Interactive materials)
    • Structure content

DisCO Handbook

The DisCO Handbook will be an e-book curating the most relevant content from the wikis into a linear, narrative format for general DisCO use and with various practical examples sourced from all DisCO LABS.

  • DisCO Handbook:
    • Structuring Handbook Materials
    • Compile examples from LABs A/B Handbook vs. Wiki (Must include stories on WM and Interledger)
    • Write content and draw from DisCO Ball, include stories on WM and Interledger
    • Select Art
    • Design and Format (PDF, Epub, Html) Handbook
    • Advocate/publicize


The DisCO STACK is conceived as a toolkit of convivial Free/Libre Open Source Software platforms for people to work together using the DisCO Methodology and resources. It will include tools for:

The DisCO Stack will be presented as a suite of browser-based apps within the DisCO CAT. Co-designed with its user community, the Stack will follow the needs of the DisCOLABS, as well as the findings of our research teams.

More DisCO Project Modules

DisCO's overall five year plan can be found in the The DisCO Project Matrix entry.

  1. Note that we also intended to include documentation for DisCO DECK at this stage of the project
  2. Writing the Pink Paper has been postponed due to DisCO DECK situation, ie, it cannot be written in absence of an Alpha for the DisCO DECK)