DIsCO Governance Model Version Changes

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This entries tracks all changes between the following two versions of the DisCO Governance Model:

Welcome to the DisCO MOTHERSHIP Governance Model

  • This is a new section, rewritten to distinguish from GMC/3.o version of the model and to welcome people who may not be familiar with the model and/or GMC.
  • Explains the differences between version 3.0 (for coops) and version 3.5 (for DisCO Non Profits), as well as quick pointers to the DisCO LABS and DisCO Applications Program.
  • Some sections would benefit from MS/BALL Wiki entries that haven't been created yet, or placeholders, such as Guerrilla Media Collective's main website. I am listing these as "3.5 Dependencies" on the Card for ongoing inclusion as these resources are created in the near future.
  • Plz check the footnotes.
  • Please edit for typos and clarity directly on the wiki. Thanks!

Changes to Overview Section

THIS SECTION IS CURRENTLY BEING VALIDATED FOR COMMUNITY APPROVAL Overall, the "Overview" section is a crash course on DisCO Governance for those not familiar with our other materials or who want a more technical/economic overview of DisCO (ie, more to the fact and clearly laid out). Have this in mind when reading the section. This is the technical counterpart to the following two pop-sci chapters of Elements:

  • The new shorter TLDR and the Pattern Process contain links to sections which haven't been created or written. Some of them are already indexed and linked, some aren't. It previews the structure of the Governance Model and should be read carefully for accuracy going forward. It shouldn't be any longer than it currently is. THIS TLDR NEEDS TO BE REVISED AFTER EACH SECTION IS APPROVED BY THE MOTHERSHIP CORE CREW.

Changes to Roles and Responsibilities Section

  • General changes in language to the section's introduction, making it specific to DisCO.NP's and DisCO coop.
  • Introduction to the terms "Casual" and "Committed" as two poles within a spectrum, before introducing DisCOlarships and Dating as bridges between the "poles".

Changes to Contribution Tracking Section

Changes pending

Changes to Decision Making Section

Changes pending

Changes to TLDR and Conclusion Section

Changes pending

Changes to Links and Resources Section

Changes pending

  1. Within V 3.0 there is a Version History and Related Resources. This stand-alone wiki entry would be the equivalent for version V 3.5. We decided to keep them separate this time so decrease cross talk and possible confusions.
  2. In reality what we were describing with "Open Value Cooperativism" was synonymous with DisCO and its principles. Nowadays we're using "Distributed Cooperativism" to expand ob the description. "Open Value Cooperativism" was also an attempt to bridge with Open Cooperativism. Currently DisCO is so different from Open Cooperativism as conceptualised in 2014-15 that the comparison isn't very relevant nowadays.