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Instituto Procomun, Sept 2021

Welcome to the resources page for tonight's DisCOThon!

To carry out the DisCO Builder exercise you will want to have these handy.

The 7 DisCO Principles


DisCO Principles Infographic feat image.png


How does a group of people come together into a DisCO? The first thing you need to do is to come up with relevant community-based solutions to these 7 challenges. Think of them as open questions that you will strive to answer as fairly as possible in your group.

Click here to download an illustrated PDF on the 7 DisCO Principles. The texts on the PDF, as well as the DisCO in 7 Principles and 11 Values wiki entry, expand on the extract below with fuller explanations and practical examples.

DisCO adds seven additional principles to the original seven cooperative principles in order to reunite cooperativism with its commons origins and better prepare it for technological futures. Apart from the OG principles, the Seven DisCO Principles also intersect with other radical patterns of organization, such as Elinor Ostrom’s 8 design principles for successful commons and the 12 Permaculture principles. The uniqueness of the DisCO Principles is that they serve as guidelines for tech-savvy (but not techno deterministic or tech-dependent), highly efficient and socially and environmentally oriented organizations.

Where do we build our new DisCO?

This is an action-oriented exercise. Above all: have fun and be creative! It will give you a good idea of the challenges that DisCO poses to normal profit-oriented and patriarchal organizations. For this particular workshop[1].

Find the name of your group and click on the pad. Therein lies a challenge> You will build a DisCO centered around... Whatever comes up on your pad! We have chosen a variety of goods and services riped to be reimagined as a DisCO. Now it's your turn to scope out what that looks like>

Run the exercise with you own group

This exercise can be replicated with your own group here: Dance it Yourself: a 7 DisCO Principles Builder

Learn more about DisCOs

  1. Sign up to [https://disco.coop/newsletter/ our newsletter for more thorough and personalized workshops, courses, accompanying tech and materials