DisCO Manifesto: Design and Images

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This 1st edition of the DisCO Manifesto was designed by Guerrilla Graphic Collective. Mireia Juan Cuco created the logo and branding for DisCO and led the design process for the manifesto and its website. The cover image was made by Mercè Moreno Tarrés. The images for the text were curated by Stacco Troncoso and Ann Marie Utratel and are listed below in order of appearance.



CHAPTER 1: Rage Against the Machine and Science Friction

CHAPTER 2: You say Potato, I say Decentralized: Semantics Matter

CHAPTER 3: Last Night A Distributed Cooperative Organization Saved My Life

CHAPTER 4: Punk Elegance: The Story of Guerrilla Translation and the Guerrilla Media Collective

CHAPTER 5: Turn the Beat Around: Community Algorithmic Trusts and Care Oriented Cooperativism

CHAPTER 6: Open-Value Co-ops for Radical Workplace Democracy

CHAPTER 7: The Last Dance: The Future is Unwritten


Black Heart by Ed Robertson