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BackBeat is our recommended tool for Synchronous communication


BackBeat is the term/suggested name for the DisCO DECK Clockify Clone

Time tracking

The need for time tracking arises when there is productive or reproductive work, that is best measured in time spent on a given task/project (this gives a way of comparing time spent on specific tasks, but also allows us to follow everyone's value streams, Carework, Livelihood and Lovework. Trust is paramount in adopting this model, as anyone can start the clock and let it run while doing other things. So, how do we build that trust? Having a Dating phase (much like a probation period), which allows both the DisCO Committed members and the DisCO Dating members to see if they are happy about the collaboration and would like to have a long-term relationship.

Time tracking is an essential element at and we are quite careful about how to do it. This extends to the tools we use to ensure accurate and transparent time tracking — currently Clockify, although we would like to create our own time tracking tool, in order to adapt it to our specific needs, such as linking the time tracking tool to SpaceTime, our task management tool, or automatically starting when you open a task or document and start typing or stopping when there is no activity on the computer for more than X minutes; it's easy to forget to start or stop the clock.