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Esto is an intro.


Ahora vamos a hacer una lista, donde traduciremos nombres de artistas musicales, al Español


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Blah blah blah [1]

More tests

We could ideally write direclty on Wikitext. One of the benefits is the great time savings. Most of us working on Mothership/Floor are translators, also, if you type well, learning the languages means that you can format while you're typing. Isn't that great?

The woes of bilinguism

False friend alert

Wiki text IS A DIFFERENT LANGUAGE FROM MARKDOWN. Markdown (find out more in the Guerrilla Media entry on it) is very similar to wikitext, but like Spanish and Portuguese it may confuse people. For the benefit of the LABS, we want wiki editing to be as simple as possible so folks don't have to learn the language and just use the Wysiwig, but the editor is kinda meh.Hello I can be a comment! Would this work?

Questions is can we do this in-team. And how do we comment on shit? Or suggest changes or the many other features we use in Google docs???

Some problems with Gdocs

  1. It's Google
  2. Undermines our FLOSS/Political cred
  3. Inserts complexity in what should be a very streamlined process
  4. Converts like shit to mediwiki (yes, there are converters available... see the methodology here

You want chuletas? Let's have 'em!















Top-level status

hello <span class="darkgreen">hello</span> Deliverable up to defined status/quantity

hello <span class="turquoise">hello</span> 2nd priority deliverable, dependent on time/resources

hello <span class="greyblue">hello</span> Planning, groundwork and pre-design

hello <span class="peach">hello</span> Planning Onl

hello <span class="pink-text">hello</span> Accounted as LoveWork, but part of project deliverable reporting

hello <span class="green-text">hello</span> Accounted as CareWork, but part of project deliverable reporting (DisCO LABs pilot development for DisCO MOTHERSHIP and Guerrilla Media Collective)


Hello {{PCT100|Hello}} Deliverable COMPLETED

Hello {{PCT75|Hello}} Deliverable mainly completed. Follow up tasks pending.

Hello {{PCT50|Hello}} Deliverable Currently Underway.

Hello {{PCT0|Hello}} STARTED/PLANNING STAGE. Needs to get underway.

Hello {{PCT-1|Hello}} Deliverable CANCELLED from GftW (but not from the DisCO Project) Moves into next funded/project.

Sari's Playground

Welcome to the TOPOLLUO ZONE!

Caitlin's Playground!

Feel free to experiment with wikitext, colour codes etc here!

Irenes playground

Dale caña prima!

brian's playground

love and light

This is it guys

Do you like cheese?

Come join me please

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Maros playground

Maro is coming!

  1. Hello! I'm a footnote. Do you read me?