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Purpose and work

What are the key responsibilities and main areas of work in the Research Working Circle?

  • Finding new calls for EU funded programs, grants, collaborative fellowships that can be run by DisCO
  • Networking with institutional partners to keep DisCO in the loop of new consortia or find its place in existing consortia that are applying for funding
  • Conceptualizing and reflecting on the internal practices of DisCO to continually inform the existing research lines and to produce pieces of work that can be published under DisCO
  • Allocating research tasks internally in communication with the rest of the team
  • Knowing the research capacities and expertise within DisCO once more research funding is achieved
  • Re-assessing research task allocation for the next period


Who is in this circle? Who are the stewards?

  • Stewards: Cindy, Natalia
  • Members: Stacco, Sara, Irene


What procedures, protocols, processes does this circle need? What templates are needed?

  • Writing proposals for research projects, grants and collaborative fellowships
  • Supervision from start to finish of all granted projects and programs
  • Design of research areas for further development
  • Research and fieldwork for granted projects
  • Report writing for granted projects
  • Coordination with program partners and internal distribution of tasks
  • Smashing the hegemonic macho-culture in research


What workflow tools does this circle need?

  • Mattermost, Loomio, Trello, Jitsi


How and where does Research connect with other circles?

  • The RESEARCH Circle will be developing DisCO research projects in close collaboration with DisCO Labs, DisCO Regulatory Frameworks and DisCO Floor, since many of the research outcomes will enrich the educational resources and possibly legal tools.


What rhythms are needed and how do they relate to our other rhythms?

  • Dailiy: Online meetings and collaboration with the external partners in programs/projects and for internal work coordination
  • Weekly: Circle Check-In
  • Monthly BYOB: To inform the rest of the DisCO Working Circles of ongoing development