DisCOnaut Qualifications Requirements and Vibe

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As you've probably deduced by now, the DisCO Mothership and our Governance Model reflects a carework collective with a livelihood component.

We believe it is important to make this explicit so both more money-oriented and work-only candidates can spare themselves the time, not to mention that onboarding new members really is a huge investment of time and energy on our side. We care for DisCO, the DisCO Mothership, our mission and values, and for the people who make it possible: No Carework, no DisCO.

The following requirements are expressed in very direct and clear language so there are no misunderstandings. Should you want to date us, you will sign a Commitment Statement, but we will both be accountable for all the points written below. No exceptions.

Requirements for DisCO Project Members

(Don't panic! We're here to help :) )

  1. Availability for Carework
  2. Availability for Lovework
  3. You will be paid according to the governance model. Part of your work will be Lovework and Carework. Take this into account.
  • Required mentoring Tools and rhythms: Receiving Mentoring is tallied as Lovework. You need to know what this means.
  • Dating phase until dating members reach agreed-on "Committed Level" according to set Milestones.
    • Depending on the moment, our budget and other factors you may undergo:
      • Intensive/Fast-track Mentoring (ASAP, including in person training, typically around one week and one month follow up)
      • Agile Mentoring (3 Stages completed in less than 3 months).
      • Slow-and-Steady Dating (The most relaxed option, may take around 6-9 months, depending on your commitment and availability).
    • Another option is to start with a DisCOlarship, see how things work out, and go into Dating from there
  • If we are in the middle of a project/grant, our priorities will be focused on the agreed-on deliverables.
  • We only date people who are in this for the long run and aspire to become committed members.[2]
  • Experience in coops/collectives
  • Knowledge of P2P, Commons and Feminist Economics
  • Identify as Feminist, AntiRacist and Anticapitalist (non-negotiable!)[3]
  • We’re very clear on vibe. Weird vibe = no go, no harm done.
  • Able to read and process long documentation [4]
  • Quick learning skills, self-leadership and a good balance of group work vs autonomy
  • Excellent communication (ghosting or passive aggression not tolerated, including respecting agreed workdays/schedules, reporting absences).
  • Willingness to commit at least 15 hrs a week (more is preferable). We don't expect you to put in so many hours straight away and prefer to prioritize mentoring as you build up your hours, commitment and responsibility.[5]
    • If this commitment is too much of you, no probs: consider a DisCOlarship, or becoming a DisCO Satellite of Love. Challenging yourself is always healthy, but if you need to take things slower, please don't ask us to date you at present. We've been through this process several times in the last few years and are very clear on what works and what doesn't.
  • Other perks
  1. Great team, great vibe, no toxic masculinity.
  2. Great project with great potential.
  3. Destroy capitalism and the patriarchy!
  4. (Yes, except for the last part, these are the same promises given in bullshit, underpaid or volunteer work, but we want to fairly reward you for this)

TLDR: We mean everything stated above. For realsies. We expect you to address each and every one of these points honestly.

You don't have to score 100% in all of them to work with us, but you need to be forthcoming about your strengths and weaknesses so we can develop a bespoke mentoring program for you. Dating is a big investment, both for you, and for us, so we want to start on the right foot to create a steady, caring relationship.

If you are inspired, intimidated and curious, get in touch and we'll see what's possible!

  1. Before diving into the full governance model, read Chapter 4 of the DisCO Elements and check out our DisCO Governance infographic for a very basic overview. You still need to go through the full model, as this will be the agreement under which we will be working together
  2. If this is not your jam, consider DisCOlarships or a NSA Casual Relationship
  3. You will find no shortage of workplaces that do not demand this. As far as we're concerned, we want to foster healthy, nurturing, relationships with individuals who are no less invested or passionate about these subjects than we are.
  4. Non-negotionable. We are currently working on more and more accessible documentation, audio and visual resources to cater to all types of learning. If you want to join the DisCO Mothership you need to be process written documentation (and be honest with yourself, and us, on your ability to do so)
  5. Depending on the current budget, we will negotiate an appropriate Love to Livelihood ratio. We are fully transparent about this and all agreements will be explicitly recorded