DIWO Circle

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Purpose and work

What are the key responsibilities and main areas of work of the DIWO Working Circle?

  • Fundraising and seeking funding opportunities
  • Legal structure development
  • Keeping track of deadlines
  • Forging partnerships, seeking potential partners as well as leveraging existing relationships


Who is in this circle? Who are the stewards?

  • Stewards: Irene, Silvia
  • Members: Stacco, Maro, Caitlin, Brian


What procedures, protocols, processes does this circle need? What templates are needed?

  • This section is currently being written


What workflow tools does this circle need?

  • Loomio: for discussing and planning possible opportunities and partnerships
  • Trello: for keeping track of funders, opportunities and due dates


How and where does DIWO connect with other circles?

  • NET.LABS for maintaining relationships, online presence to improve chances of funding
  • LEG.FIN for keeping track of the coop's financial situation
  • COMMUNITY for keeping the whole collective informed and involved in building partnerships and relationships


What rhythms are needed and how do they relate to our other rhythms?

  • Weekly: Circle Check-In & Sprint Call